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Our background is deeply rooted in the parts drying industry. Decades of manufacturing and customer application experience brought together with a goal to turn this knowledge into a science. The Science of Parts Drying. Maxum has used these concepts and skills to design and manufacture true industrial-duty air blow-off systems. Our continuing focus is to apply both science and creativity to provide better air products throughout our product offering. We not only make better products, we show the customer how they work and provide the numbers so the customer can make their own decisions using that science. Every Maxum Air Device includes standard output flow and pressure data and every Maxum Blower provides CFM, pressure and horsepower required. You won’t have to guess or “call the factory” to use Maxum products. It may be old fashioned, but building durable, true industrial products has always been a recipe for success. And for Maxum, creating new patented technologies with “old school” durability will always be our mission.

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