A little more background

Maxum roots are planted firmly in the parts drying industry. As Maxum builds true industrial-duty air blowers. The company was started by owners who bring decades of manufacturing and customer service knowhow as well as a creative touch to air blow-off applications. As every successful company has a recipe for success, Maxum is no different. The company’s mission and challenge is to play an ever-expanding role in the design, engineering and manufacture of air blower systems. The company accomplishes this by means of careful listening, attention to detail, innovative design and precise manufacturing.

Industrial applications for parts drying and air blow-off applications need an air blower system that is truly industrial. A system that uses less energy and effectively runs on less horsepower at slower speeds, all the while lasting longer.

To achieve that end several innovative approaches need to come in to play. First and foremost, Maxum developed the Bearing Bridge™ drive system to replace the typical belt-driven approach. The Bearing Bridge uses two separate bearing cases located on either side of the drive pulley. Why? The design provides a properly distributed bearing load to dramatically reduce heat while improving service life. The Maxum developed Bearing Bridge provides 10 to 15 times the L10 bearing life of older technology currently offered for air blow-off

The Bearing Bridge is just one of the many new innovations Maxum has brought to the parts drying and air blow-off industry. In the coming months, we will detail those innovations and how they best serve you, the customer.