air devices

Air Devices

Every air device used for blow-off and drying needs to be thoroughly designed to optimize air impact on product surfaces.

increase impact force Increase Impact Force
optimize blow-off Optimize Blow-off
maximize air efficiency Maximize Air Efficiency
maximize drying Maximize Drying
internal converging Internal Converging
laminar flow chambers Laminar Flow Chambers

nozzle bar

Nozzle Bar®

  • Installs like an Air Knife, blows strong like nozzles
  • Uses less energy to reach further distances
  • Easily customized for optimum blow-off of any part
  • The blow-off power of Air Nozzles in a compact space
  • Wide choice of STOCK patterns and flow rates

Learn More *U.S. Patent #8,814,067. Other patents pending.

air knives

Maxumizer® Air Knives

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable continuous outlet slot
  • Multiple integrated mounting positions
  • Improved high efficiency “Tear Drop” design

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air nozzles

Maxumizer® Air Nozzles

  • Powerful blower driven air nozzle right where you need it
  • Compact design that produces a powerful directional flow of blower driven air
  • Takes up less space and allows for accurate positioning of the blow-off force
  • Designed to work directly with the MAXUMIZER® Air Blower

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