Truly Industrial Air Blow-off Systems

Air blow-off applications need an air blower system that is truly industrial and Maxum delivers on that concept. A long-lasting, durable design that uses less energy. Maxum takes into consideration a veritable wealth of strategies to develop systems that meet the needs of industry. The company focuses on several basic tenets. Create systems that are: compact, use less energy, optimize air impact and blow-off, maximize drying and provide truly quiet operations.

When you choose a partner for your parts drying needs, first consider the principles that guide their business. Maxum’s core competency and core values are to provide better air products in every way. Maxum’s recipe for success may be old-fashioned, but building durable and truly industrial products has always been the number one goal.

So, whether it be the Bearing Bridge™ drive system that replaces the typical belt-driven approach, or the patented Nozzle Bar® that provides more impact force than any slot-type air knives, rest assured that every Maxum air device used for blow-off and drying is thoroughly designed to optimize air impact on product surfaces.

nozzle bars