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Modern Air Devices

Maxum Air Devices for blow-off and drying are designed to optimize air impact on product surfaces. They maximize air efficiency and target the air impact force precisely where it is needed. Maxum’s background is deeply rooted in the parts drying industry. No wonder then that they provide some of the most scientifically-based air devices on…
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Truly Industrial Air Blow-off Systems

Air blow-off applications need an air blower system that is truly industrial and Maxum delivers on that concept. A long-lasting, durable design that uses less energy. Maxum takes into consideration a veritable wealth of strategies to develop systems that meet the needs of industry. The company focuses on several basic tenets. Create systems that are:…
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A little more background

Maxum roots are planted firmly in the parts drying industry. As Maxum builds true industrial-duty air blowers. The company was started by owners who bring decades of manufacturing and customer service knowhow as well as a creative touch to air blow-off applications. As every successful company has a recipe for success, Maxum is no different….
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New Website Launch!

Welcome to the NEW Maxum website! Have a look around! We have videos, pictures, and a ton of content information to help your understanding of air blow-off. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with.